1) Download the AWS Command Line Interface

2) Type aws configure in terminal and setup the following

      Access Key ID: your id

      Secret Access Key: your key

      Region name: us-west-1

      Output: json

      NOTE: You can find your access and secret key here

3) Go to AWS s3 console and click create bucket.

4) Setup permissions to allow upload

      Find your bucket, click the “Properties” button.

      Then click the “Permmissions” dropdown.

      Click “Add more permissions” and allow any authenticated AWS user to Upload.

5) In terminal:

      For individual files       aws s3 cp [path to file/directory] s3://[buclet-name]/[path] –recursive

      For directories       aws s3 cp public/css s3://memory-game-reagent/css --recursive

      Example where I am copying my local css directory public/css into the “css” path in my s3       bucket named “memory-game-reagent”:

      aws s3 cp public/css s3://memory-game-reagent/css –recursive

6) Make uploaded files public in AWS s3 web console

      Select all the files that you want to be public       Click the “Actions” dropdown       Click “Make Public